A good brushing can remove a lot of undercoat. It reduces the amount of hair the cat ingests and sheds in the house. Makes for a happier cat and a cleaner home! A brushing appointment can include a sani-clip, eye and ear cleaning. It always includes a nail trim and of course, a cuddle and a treat!

A lion clip is a short clip on the body, leaving head and legs longer. Of course a partial clip or spot-clipping is also possible. Matting can be very uncomfortable for a cat and even with brushing it is not always avoidable. A clip eliminates matting, hair ingestion and shedding in the house. Many owners choose for a clip to keep the cat cool during the summer months. Usually a cat perks up completely after a clip! A clip usually includes a pads shave, ear and eye cleaning. It always includes a nail trim and of course, a cuddle and a treat!

Pricing (+5% GST)
The pricing depends on your choice, the time it takes to complete the groom and the city you live in.
Additional cats receive $10 off

Tri-cities, Burnaby and New Westminster:

Nails $31

Full groom short haired  $75

Full groom long haired  $83

Full groom with spot-dematting  $88

Full groom with tummy-clip  $93

Lion clip  $98

For Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, North Vancouver and Queensborough: add $10​

(There is a $50 fee for cancellations within 24 hours, no-shows and kitties that can not be (safely) groomed)

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Services and Pricing

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