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Brushing. A good brushing can remove a lot of undercoat. It prevents that the coat gets matted and reduces the amount of hair the cat ingests and sheds in the house. Makes for a happier cat and a cleaner home!

Clipping. A clip removes and prevents matting. Matting can be very uncomfortable for a cat and even with brushing it is not always avoidable. It will dramatically reduce the amount of hair the cat ingests and sheds in the house. Many owners choose for a clip to keep the cat cool during the summer months. Usually a cat perks up completely after a clip! 

​If it is your first time. It all starts with giving me a call. I will answer all your questions and when you feel comfortable, we will schedule an appointment.

Parking. To ensure the kitty does not slowly slide off the table, I appreciate a level parking spot awaiting at arrival. The grooming vehicle is quite high and needs a clearance of at least 12ft. Please let me know if you do not have such a parking spot available and we will find an alternative meeting place.

When I arrive. It helps to know what you can expect of this visit and I like to learn a bit about your kitty. There are two forms for you to read through and fill out. In the meantime, I will start getting the grooming salon ready for you and your cat. Please consider to crate or towel-wrap your cat for safe transport into the mobile grooming salon. 

Who should accompany your kitty?  It is best if a familiar, calm and sober person can be accompanying the cat. Responsible young people over the age of 14 years are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. There is room for one extra person to watch and possibly help out. Please keep in mind that during the groom, the door will have to remain closed and there might not be an opportunity for you to drink your coffee or to answer your phone. There are risks involved in cat grooming and it is important that you will be able to follow my directions. I will show you how you as your cat's best friend can help your kitty to be as calm as possible.

When the job is done.  All credit cards or cash are accepted.