If it is your first time

It all starts with giving me a call. I will answer all your questions and when you feel comfortable, we will schedule an appointment.

How to prepare

Try to stay as calm and normal as possible when you prepare the cat to leave your home. All cats need to arrive in a carrier. If you let me know in advance, I can bring a new carton cat carrier box for you to keep ($15). Please line the carrier with a thick towel for comfort and to possibly soak up urine. If you know your cat sometimes releases its bladder when nervous, remove the water several hours before the appointment. There is no need to bring oven mitts or work gloves. I have equipment to keep us safe if your kitty looses its patience with us during the groom. If your kitty is too upset at arrival, we will not even start the process. Please do not give your cat catnip or anything to calm or sedate before our appointment. To keep your kitty safe, I need to be able to see its normal body language. I will offer you a smock to wear, but expect to get hairy and dress accordingly.


To ensure the kitty does not slowly slide off the table, I appreciate a level parking spot awaiting at arrival. The grooming vehicle is quite high and needs a clearance of at least 12 feet. Underground parking and spots with low overhanging tree branches do not work unfortunately. Please let me know if you do not have a suitable parking spot available and we will find an alternative meeting place.

Hot summer days

Anytime the outside temperature rises to 27 degrees Celsius or higher, we need to run the ceiling air conditioner to keep everyone comfortable. This will be the only time, when it is essential that the vehicle's electrical cord is plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet. If the vehicle can not be parked within 60 feet (20 meters) of such outlet, we need to schedule for a cooler day or time.

Health and Hygiene

All precautions will be taken to avoid transfer of anything from one cat to the next. A small risk always remains when a cat passes through an area where other cats have been. Please let me know before your appointment if there is a possible health issue with your kitty. If at arrival your kitty appears sick, has open wounds or symptoms of a contagious condition (other than flea's), the appointment will have to be cancelled and a fee applied. Unfortunately we can not work on intact male cats over the age of 6 months or female cats in heat.

When I arrive 

It helps to know what you can expect of this visit and I like to learn a bit about your kitty. I will meet you at your doorstep or the main entrance with two short forms for you to read and one to fill out. In the meantime, I will start getting the grooming salon ready for you and your cat. 

Who should accompany your kitty?

It is best if a familiar, calm, sober person of 19 years or over, with a good command of English, can be accompanying the cat. Please keep in mind that during the groom, the door will have to remain closed and your phone needs to be on silent and remain in your pocket. There are risks involved in cat grooming and it is important that you will be able to follow my directions. Before we start, I will show you how you as your cat's best friend can help your kitty to be as calm as possible.

If you need to cancel

Please give me a 24 hours notice, if you can not make your appointment.

There is a fee for cancellations within 24 hours, no-shows and kitties that can not be (safely) groomed.

When the job is done

Cash and e-transfers are accepted. 

Photo: "Zoomi" taken by Gillian & Roman

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